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Android smartphones depreciate two times faster than iPhones — report


If you’re buying a smartphone with the intent of selling it later, you might want to stick to an iPhone and skip Android smartphones. According to a new report, Android-powered phones, including flagship devices, lose their initial retail value twice as fast as the iPhone.

As revealed by the recently released Mobile Phone Value Depreciation Report, based on price drop data from 2020 to 2021, an Android phone at one year after purchase will lose on average 33.62% of its original value, whereas the iPhone loses just 16.70%.

At two years after purchase, an Android phone will depreciate by 61.50% versus the iPhone’s 35.47%. The gap gets smaller after four years, with the iPhone’s price dropping to 66.43% off its initial value versus Android smartphones losing 81.11%.


In terms of specific handsets, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra shockingly lost 64.71% of its initial value in just 9 months after it was released. The iPhone 11 Pro Max only lost 32.22% of its value in the same time span.

In terms of the brand of Android smartphones, LG has the least depreciation, followed by Nokia and Samsung. On the other hand, HTC handsets lose their buyback value the fastest, followed by Motorola and Sony.

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