Facebook and Instagram users who are looking to get their accounts authenticated can now join the queue of like-minded individuals as the social media company opens the Meta Verified waitlist. The subscription-based feature costs Php599 per month.

Following the footsteps of Twitter, the Meta Verified feature gives subscribers a blue verification emblem on the user’s profile, signifying the genuineness of the account.

More than just a badge of honor to those who subscribe to it, the service is also aimed at protecting users from posers, in light of the proliferation of fraudulent copycats on social media, essentially serving as an additional layer of protection on security and privacy.

Furthermore, Meta Verified users get the benefit of getting direct customer service, which would prove to be helpful in cases of troubleshooting, among other perks.

To become Meta Verified, the enroller must be at least of legal age (18 years old), have a valid government-issued ID, and enables two-factor authentication. Additionally, Meta will require enrollers to provide a selfie video that matches their profile picture—so, no custom avatars or images that stray from the actual self.

These are essential know-your-customer (KYC) measures that help Meta validate the real person behind the enrollee, which could mean giving up on anonymity in favor of getting approved for the unique privilege and set of services.

Apart from getting the confirmation of a successful application to become Meta Verified, the honor is also explicitly displayed with a blue verification symbol on one’s profile, marking one’s inclusion in the pool of similarly authenticated users.

To join the Meta Verified waitlist, simply search for ‘Meta Verified’ and hit the join waiting list button to get notified once it’s available in the Philippines.

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