OnlyFans, the content-sharing platform that’s better known for its sexually explicit content, has announced it no longer wants anything to do with sexually explicit content.

Beginning October 1, the company will remove pornographic content from its platform. Content creators can still upload nude photos and videos, however, as long as they abide by the company policy. Currently, the policy has yet to reflect the upcoming change and doesn’t prohibit sexual conduct.

As OnlyFans explained to Bloomberg, the move is meant for long-term sustainability and to appease banking partners and payment processors.

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It’s also meant to help the company attract investors, even though OnlyFans already enjoys 130 million users and is set to reach $12.billion in gross merchandise value by 2022.

By scrubbing porn off its site, OnlyFans wants to be known as a platform for aspiring music artists, social media influencers, comedians, and other creators with a more wholesome approach on content.

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