If you’ve been actively seeking a romantic partner for a while, then you’ve probably tried many dating apps, like Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, etc. But if you still have not tried Spark, you could be missing out on something familiar, but also potentially better program that’s been topping both Netherland and Ireland’s iOS charts recently.

Spark is 9count’s latest product offering, which joins the Alex Hofmann-founded company’s interesting catalog, which includes Juju, Helpline, Everland, and Wink. The dating application is not necessarily here to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it gathers inspiration from multiple sources, gets their best features, and rolls them into a single package.


For instance, while Tinder has you swiping left or right into finding the right match, Spark follows Grindr’s approach by letting you see all potential matches in a single grid. But contrary to Grindr, the app does not just let users message others if they haven’t “sparked” (or liked) each other. And like Bumble, any messages sent to others only last 24 hours.

Spark has already had its “soft launch” across hundreds of countries, easily reaching the premier spot among the Dutch and the Irish people. While the mobile app can be used for free, users can also opt for a $19.99 monthly subscription, which comes with its unique perks, such as getting visibility on who likes you, having extra “sparks,” etc.

Source: TechCrunch

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