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Those who are familiar with dating apps know about Tinder, Bumble, and others. However, there’s a sub-category of these kinds of apps that focuses on “sugar daddy” relationships.

Such apps include Seeking Arrangement, Elite, and Spoil. As you already know, a “sugar” relationship is classified as incentivized companionship.

How it works is quite controversial. In most cases, a younger man/woman would date an older and wealthy man/woman in exchange for expensive gifts, cash, or other incentives.

However, it looks like Google is not in favor of this type of “relationship” as it is apparently banning apps that handle such arrangements on the Google Play Store.

Android Police spotted the new policy change that will put an end to sugar daddy apps’ existence in the Play Store. You can check the policy update below.

Via: Android Police

After the story was initially published, Google has responded with a statement:

As a platform we are always excited to support our developer partners, but we also work hard to provide a safe experience for users. We have updated our inappropriate content policy to prohibit apps that facilitate sexual acts in exchange for compensation following feedback we received from NGOs, governments, and other user advocacy groups concerned with user safety. This aligns our policies with other Google policies and industry norms.

Unless Google changes its mind, such apps will be gone on the Play Store starting September 1, 2021.

Source: Android Police

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