Microsoft has spotted a vulnerability on the Android app version of the TikTok app, which could have given access to users’ accounts with only one click.

It is said that the CVE-2022-28799 vulnerability affected TikTok Android app versions that have been collectively downloaded by over 1.5 billion.

The Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team said that they detailed the issue to TikTok last February and the short-video sharing app has instantly issued a patch to fix the vulnerability.


With this, the team at Microsoft commended the TikTok security team’s quick and competent response.

To ensure that Android users are safe, TikTok is urging everyone to use the most recent version of the app.

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The question is, how could a hacker use this exploit? Apparently, the flaw is present in the way TikTok is deep linked to an Android feature that allows applications to handle certain connections.

Bottom line is, when utilized, a hacker may access a TikTok user’s sensitive data like personal clips and even post videos and send messages.

Fortunately, both Microsoft and TikTok said that they didn’t see any evidence that the vulnerability was ever used by anyone. You can read the full report here.

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