Do you want to switch to the Smart network and keep your phone number? There’s now an easier way.

Smart Communications just made the mobile number portability easier for those who want to switch from Globe, DITO, or any other telcos.


For those who are not familiar, the Mobile Network Portability allows subscribers from any network to switch telcos while keeping their mobile number.

As you might know, the process to switch networks using MNP can be complex and timely. Thankfully, for those who are switching to Smart, there’s now an easier way.

How to switch to Smart from Globe, DITO, etc.

Step 1: Retrieve the 9-digit Unique Subscriber Code (USC) from your current telco provider. The USC acts as a clearance. This means that you don’t have any unpaid balances or fees from your current provider and are free to switch. The USC is only valid for 15 days.

Step 2: Acquire a Smart 5G MNP SIM and complete the application process online.

If you’re switching to a Smart Prepaid or TNT network, you can get the SIM on any Smart Store across the Philippines or have it ordered online.

Meanwhile, interested Smart Postpaid switchers can get their SIM by setting an appointment to their chosen Smart Store.

Step 3: Finally, activate your Smart 5G-ready SIM card. You can do so by dialing *123#.

You shall receive a notification that the transfer has been successful.

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