Following violations of its community guidelines, TikTok has mass deleted more than 4.5 million videos in the Philippines in Q2 2023, according to the social media platform.

Per the most recent Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, 4,596,796 videos were removed from April to June.

At the same timeframe, TikTok has reportedly removed 106 million videos globally, 66 million of which were done via automation. However, due to possible arbitration or the likelihood of false positives, 6 million were restored.

Explaining the reason for the removal of so much content worldwide, TikTok said that 39 percent were as a result of having sensitive and mature themes. Twenty-eight percent were erased because of the sale of regular commodities as well as other commercial activities. Meanwhile, 14.5 percent were due to the breaking of rules in safety and civility, while 10 percent were because of the contents’ potential mental distress to viewers.

At the crux of TikTok’s community guidelines is the prohibition of content that may put the young audience’s well-being in jeopardy, including the possibility of causing harm to the person’s psychological, physical, and development.

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