Have you ever wondered how your future offspring would look like with your current partner? Wonder no more, as there is now an application that could predict how your future son or daughter could appear physically, based on your and your partner’s images.

A generative artificial intelligence (AI) app called “Remini” has recently gone the rounds on the internet when a TikTok video showed the app’s potential in making semi-accurate projections of kids that are yet to be given life.

Initially reported by ABC7, the app in question seems to provide an almost believable foretelling of future kids using visual data derived from a couple.

Popular TikTok influencer Melissa McDuffie, who boasts some 200,000 followers on the platform, was among those who were impressed with the result of the AI app, calling the outcome “so realistic.”


But as fascinating as the capability of the generative AI app is, security experts have concerns regarding such functionality, underpinned by the concern over the use of biometric data.

Cybersecurity company High Wire Networks CTO David Barton told to ABC7 how he fears how “accurate” the app has been, citing video clips showcasing precision using real-life parents and their existing children, which he said is a “bit creepy.”

With concern about whether we are unintentionally giving away photos of our future kids to individuals who might use them for nefarious purposes, the security expert was uncertain about it, but claims he “will not do it.”

However, for those who are willing to use tap into the power for predictions of the generative AI, Barton warns that “there are risks” associated with the choice.

Remini, meanwhile, told the news platform that they take “data protection and privacy very seriously,” and that they “have robust protocols in place to ensure we safeguard user rights.” The company added that the app is “constantly evolving,” which compels them to “take action to apply safeguards and ensure user privacy.”

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