Popular Filipina cosplayer and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo has once again proved the beauty of cosplaying as she dons a costume that mimics Final Fantasy XVI’s Jill Warrick.

Wearing full clothing reminiscent of the Medieval era, gray-colored hair, and a pointy sword as a prop to complete the entire getup, Alodia embodied the fictional figure Jill Warrick in vivid and fantastic detail.

But while fashions of this sort are particularly made for a cosplaying event, Alodia’s impersonation of the video game character is specially tailored for a vlog—one that specifically invites her fans to join her as she goes on an excursion to one of the real “beautiful spots” in the country.

Credit: Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo / Johan Andrew Ocampo

More specifically, the somewhat unknown yet gorgeous Tinipak River somewhere in Tanay, Rizal—which the prominent cosplayer herself admitted to having only seen the first time, though, nevertheless, charmed by it.

In her YouTube video description, Alodia tells that the Philippines is home to a “lot of beautiful spots”—that is, “if you’re willing to take on a little adventure.”

Alodia’s choice to imitate Jill Warrick comes following the official worldwide release of the sixteenth installment in the beloved Japanese role-playing game franchise by Square Enix.

In the game, Warrick hails from the Northern Territories but was abducted as a child into becoming a ward of Rosaria and, subsequently, a member of the Rosfield household, alongside main protagonist Clive and his sibling Joshua.

But Jill is an important figure in that she is the dominant of Shiva. More specifically, she is an individual capable of housing and controlling the said deity—a la Attack on Titan—and, in essence, regarded as a tool of war in-game.

Jill Warrick is only one of the many characters that Alodia Gosiengfiao-Quimbo has cosplayed throughout the years.

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