Amid the rise in phishing attacks, consumers across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are opting to use a more user-friendly and stronger method of authentication to secure their accounts, such as passkeys and biometrics.

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance Executive Director Andrew Shikiar said, on Tuesday, that there is a concern over the persisting high usage of passwords without the complement of a two-way authentication factor. But said that it was due to how little the consumers are offered an alternative, like biometrics.

In the Online Authentication Barometer study by the FIDO Alliance, it was identified that biometrics was the most secure and even the preferred means of authentication among the respondents.

The study was conducted by Sapio Research, which covered 10,010 participants from across the globe.

Singaporeans seem to lead the trend as 35 percent of them regard biometrics as the most secure, while 41 percent prefer it as their method of authentication.

Out of the overall respondents, 58 percent said that they have been a witness to more online scams, with 56 percent believing that the scheme has become more sophisticated due to artificial intelligence.

The study mentioned tools such as Fraud-GPT and WormGPT as some of the sinister tools that proliferate the dark web, said to be pivotal in the easier crafting of social engineering attacks.

Shikiar meanwhile re-emphasizes the value of “stronger and simpler options” such as passkeys and on-device biometrics over “old and unreliable methods like passwords and one-time codes.”

Yet, despite that, the use of passwords without additional authentication is said to be the most used method across the Asia Pacific still, per the study.

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