Epson Philippines to focus on new businesses, B2B operations after a successful winning streak

Boracay, Aklan | Epson Media Thanksgiving Event

Epson Philippines Corporation, one of the biggest names in printing, information, and visual equipment in the country, is set to expand in new businesses and cultivate niche products to gain more market share this 2019.

The company already presented a substantial growth of 23% last fiscal year. That’s a leap over the 17% growth recorded on FY17, showing that Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) is currently on a winning streak.


FY1018’s growth was primarily contributed by their inkjet printer and scanner business, which eats up 70% of the pie. Second is their point-of-sale (POS) and dot matrix printers at 14%, projectors and other visual instruments at 14%, and other commercial and industrial product at 5%.

Since their flagship printer and scanner business is growing at a steady pace, it looks like Epson Philippines is ready to shift their focus on other emerging and niche products.

Eduardo Bonoan | General Manager for Marketing, Epson Philippines Corporation

As per Eduardo Bonoan, EPC’s general manager for marketing, to become an indispensable company, they have to “continue to move outside of our comfort zone and into a more progressive mindset”.

Thanks to their FY2018 figures, the company saw growth opportunities in their POS and dot matrix printer business, projectors and other visual instruments, and commercial and industrial products.

With that, EPC plans on selling more of their label printers, mobile POS systems, CAD machines, high-brightness projectors, and other emerging products this FY2019.


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