Children in the Philippines have the second-highest exposure to online risks, according to a study by VPN service company Surfshark.

The country ranks among the three worst out of thirty countries analyzed when it comes to preventing children from being cyberbullied or becoming victims of phishing and other online threats.

Thailand is deemed the worst, followed by the Philippines and Turkey.

On the plus side, the Philippines ranks 2nd best in online safety education, beating several high-income countries like Saudi Arabia where such education is somehow practically non-existent.


And though their exposure is considered very high, Filipino kids are found to have above average online risk management skills. They can cope and deal with the exposure better than children in many other countries.

Surfshark based its conclusions from data it obtained from the Child Online Safety Index. Maintained by the international think-tank DQ Institute, it is a real-time measure of the online wellbeing of children.

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