A new study by data analytics firm Agile Data Solutions shows that Filipinos really want to make their voices heard in the era of digital activism. The said study was conducted in May 2023 with over 600 participants aged 18 and above using the Hustle PH app.

The study shows that 64% of Filipinos are taking part in woke discussions with the intent to “ignite conversations and awareness about social issues.”


Meanwhile, 43% are engaging in ‘cancel’ culture content with the aim to “hold individuals or organizations accountable for their actions or statements.”

Four out of ten Filipinos said that engaging in said content intensified their levels of political engagement, which encompasses activities such as activism, engaging in campaign efforts, and voting.

30% of the respondents found Women’s Empowerment as the most critical issue to discuss online, 26% of them are for live-in relationships, while 24% are for LGBTQIA+ rights.

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“The study reveals that even though most Filipinos may be confused by current ‘woke jargon,’ they actively take a progressive stand on women empowerment, LGBTQ rights, and environmental protection,” said Jason Gaguan of Agile Data Solutions.

Gaguan added that the extensive types of topics “suggests a community that values diverse perspectives and is actively seeking to broaden its understanding of various lifestyle choices.”

The buying patterns of the respondents have also been influenced by these cultures as they increasingly give importance to aligning the values of the brands with their own.

57% of the respondents said that the woke culture pushed them to put extra emphasis on how goods and services are being promoted or marketed, while 55% has the same sentiment due to being exposed to ‘cancel’ culture.

The survey reveals that 44% will more likely support brands that share the same values as them or promote social justice. Meanwhile, 30% of them will avoid buying from brands that had been canceled because of harmful or offensive behavior.

With their findings, Gaguan said that companies should recognize “these changing societal norms to better align their marketing efforts to stay relevant and connected to their consumers.”

As expected, the survey found that Facebook was the top choice for holding such conversations with 81% votes from respondents.

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