How much is your privacy worth? To Chinese hackers, it’s as low as three dollars ($3). That’s how much they’re illegally selling stolen, voyeuristic video clips.

As reported by Chinese TV broadcaster Henan Television, Chinese hackers have in their possession tens of thousands of security footages that were recorded at home, hotels, and other locations where people could be undressing or performing sexual acts.


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These stolen videos are then sold at private group chats across various social networks. An undercover investigation found that nudes and sex tapes are each priced at $8. The hackers also sell passwords to security camera footage so their perverted customers can watch unsuspecting people in real-time.

Victims of the hacks are mostly from the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Hunan, and Hubei.

If you have your own surveillance system at home and don’t want to be a victim yourself, make sure it’s password-protected and at best only connected to a private network.

Source: SCMP

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