When we think of radiation, conventional wisdom would suggest of a harmful element that science often blames as influential in the development of cancer. But a recent research conducted by the scientists at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel comes with a finding that seems to contest and contradict the notion.

Based on a study, which was published in the journal Biogerontology, going all the way back from the 1960s involving 3,129 counties in the United States, a startling discovery was found. It suggests that those who live in areas with relatively higher exposure to radiation tend to live healthier—and, therefore, longer—lives than those who live in lower exposure to the same element.

Other studies

In particular, those who live close to higher levels of radiation have lower cases of colon, rectal, lung, and pancreatic cancers, which also coincides with a longer 2.5 years of lifespan.

While the researchers themselves are not promoting the idea of increased exposure to high levels of background radiation for its perceived health benefits, it, however, raises the question regarding the harm that comes with ionizing radiation.

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