Looking for a job? You’ll want to promote your skills, more so than your educational background, work experience, and other qualifications, per data obtained by LinkedIn.

According to the professional network’s first edition of the Future of Talent report, more companies in the Philippines prioritize hiring candidates who possess technical skills, transferable skills, and soft skills.

Traditional qualifiers, such as education and work experience, are given less weight in assessing candidates. The report also found that majority of companies are open to hiring workers from a different industry as long as they fit the job responsibilities.

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The report also found other interesting results and future trends in hiring from their research:

  • To combat employee attrition, companies are providing flexible working arrangements as the best activity in boosting engagement levels.
  • Challenges in implementing engagement activities include a lack of interest among employees and lack of budget.
  • Philippine companies on average aim for a nearly one-to-one ratio of remote and physical employees.
  • Companies recognize the positive effect of employer branding to attract talent. They also recognize the role and influence of the human resources department in business strategies, workplace safety, and risk management.

The study surveyed 3,500 respondents in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines.

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