The Department of Science and Technology has unveiled the launch of multiple research projects that focus on artificial intelligence for various industry applications.

Per the virtual launch held by the DOST’s Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development, the AI projects will be conducted by various universities in the Philippines. Each project has been given a Php5 million grant along with high-performance computing machines.

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Here are the new DOST AI research and development projects:

  • A health-monitoring chatbot for public school children that can converse in Filipino and Bisaya
  • A project on autonomous vehicles with functional modules such as actuation, communications, control, navigations, and sensing. It’s divided into two component projects: one for autonomous drone deployment, and another for unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).
  • Another UGV project that focuses on monitoring, surveying, and mapping agricultural farms
  • An AI program that can systematically and effectively process big data
  • A sensor system based on the Internet of things and mesh networks to monitor tremors at buildings, bridges, and other infrastructures
  • An intelligent traffic light system for control and management
  • An optical camera-based, deep-sea monitoring system that detects marine litter and assesses the quality of marine life
  • A machine-learning algorithm to automate spectroscopy analysis

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