The Mapúa University is making education much more accessible to students, even post-pandemic, as it launches its first-ever online learning platform, Mapúa X, on May 15, 2024.

Aimed at catering to both traditional and lifelong learners, per University President Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, Mapúa X provides courses in subjects, such as engineering, technology, and creative arts. Making for a complete educational experience, the online program utilizes interactive simulations, video lectures, as well as real-time feedback fixed in each.

In a press statement launched on May 16, Maestrecampo said that today’s workplaces are looking for agile, entrepreneurial “professionals who can quickly adapt and pivot in a very competitive and dynamic economy.”

In meeting that demand, he added the imperativeness of moving “beyond traditional learning methods” and adopting “new approaches that will better prepare new students” for volatile work environments.

To give life to the university’s online learning platform, Mapúa partnered with the education technology company, Anthology.

With the help of Anthology, the university enables itself to use “training and development manager approach” embedded within a “robust LMS [learning management system] platform,” said Maestrecampo.

The system allows students to become a part of the learning scheme and earn credentials, Maestrecampo added.

During the event, Mapua University Center for Teaching and Learning – Digital Director Ericson D. Dimaunahan highlighted the accessibility features added into the system.

“Content can be converted into the desired format,” said Dimaunahan, “citing the ability to convert text documents to e-Braille” format, as an example. There is also the ability to get “transcription for video content,” he added.

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