Password manager NordPass has conducted a study that sought to assess the level of safety that corporate CEOs employ through their password choices. The result showed a concerningly weak string of full numbers and alphabets, such as “123456,” “123456789,” “qwerty,” and “password”.

The research was based on more than 290 million cases of cybersecurity attacks, which involved C-level execs, enterprise owners, and management personnel.

In what could be inferred as a case of lax behavior on the subject, around 1.1 million of the breaches were a result of choosing the password “123456”. The second-worst choice is the password “password,” which accounted for the 700,000 breaches.

Additionally, the study also uncovered an overarching trend among the breaches whereby CEOs tend to use their names as passwords. Monikers such as Tiffany, Charlie, Michael, and Jordan as seeing the most common occurrences.

Here are the top 10 passwords used by business executives worldwide:


Source: NordPass

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