MrBeast Burger, the burger joint started by YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a MrBeast, has finally made its way to the Philippines.

The burger joint was an instant hit abroad thanks to MrBeast’s popularity, which has over 137 million subscribers on YouTube.

Everything began when Donaldson and his friends gave away free meals in 2020. After seeing its potential, it became a business venture with chains across the US, Italy, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.


MrBeast Burger started catering to Filipino fans on March 22 through online delivery. However, its operator JustKitchen PH said they immediately ran out of product. Those dying to try it can still pre-order online if they are willing to wait for a couple of days.

You can check the MrBeast Burger menu below, which is available exclusively at GrabFood Philippines.

  • Beef Style Burger: Php375
  • Chandler Style Burger: Php365
  • Chris Style Burger: Php430
  • Karl’s Deluxe Burger: Php245
  • Karl’s Grilled Cheese: Php195
  • Crispy Chicken Tender: Php250
  • Nashville Hot Chicken Tender: Php270
  • Seasoned Crinkle Fries: Php165

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