Valve has officially confirmed the Counter-Strike 2 game and it’s arriving very soon.

No exact release date for Counter-Strike 2 has been revealed yet, but the release window is tipped to be in Summer 2023.

Unlike the original Counter-Strike, CS 2 is being built in the Source Engine 2, which means we can expect tons of improvements on the project. The official website even calls it as the “largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike‚Äôs history.”

Among the new features and improvements included are overhauled and upgraded maps, redesigned visual effects, improved audio, and game-changing smoke grenades.

The maps are rebuilt from the ground up and certain items will be able to interact with other elements within the map. Different effects will be applied depending on spaces and lighting conditions. Tick-rate improvements will also be present, and it will no longer matter whether the players are shooting, throwing, or moving.

Finally, Valve also confirmed that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players will carry over all their items and full inventory once the Counter-Strike 2 upgrade is complete.

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