Smart brings live NBA games to Filipino fans with NBA.Smart portal


With the NBA’s live resumption following months of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Smart has launched a portal, NBA.Smart, that seeks to bring the sport’s coverage at the palm of Filipino audiences.

Still in its early stages, the NBA.Smart portal is a business collaboration between the giant telecommunications company and NBA whose aim is to make NBA-related contents more accessible to Pinoy fans—known commonly as some of the most avid of the bunch for the sport.


To access the portal, a user must only be either a Smart Prepaid and is registered to any GIGA Video promo or a Smart Signature (Postpaid) customer who could generate a unique ticket code for a viewing session.

The portal itself is accessible to users 24/7, giving customers an endless NBA basketball content.

Drawing from the convenience of portability, the NBA.Smart portal makes for an ideal companion at anywhere—whether on the way to work, stuck in a long traffic, on queue for an errand, or simply taking a break at the office. 


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