Mobile Legends introduces its newest fighter, Khaleed


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is adding another hero into its roster as it introduces the Desert Scimitar, Khaleed, a fighter capable of mustering the sand.

Based on a lore that revolves around a theme of vengeance, Khaleed tells a bitter story of sacrifice involving a friend and the subsequent retribution against a sworn enemy that comes following that event. All while seeking the restoration of tranquility that once ruled his domain.

Earning his moniker “Desert Scimitar,” Khaleed employs a curved oriental blade as his trusty weapon and is capable of controlling the desert sand that equips him the skills and an advantage in the battlefield.


Sand Walk (Passive)

Having the ability to accrue Desert Power over time by merely being in the field, if charged fully, it gives Khaleed a boosted movement and basic attack capability. Part of his enhanced basic attack is to release a wave that scatters traces around which grants him extra movement speed while slowing opponents.

Desert Tornado

Mimicking the destructive power of a literal tornado, the Desert Tornado enables Khaleed to perform a spinning attack that does damage to nearby enemies and can be spammed for up to three times, if the attack lands.


Quicksand Guard

Blanketing himself in sand for up to 5 seconds, the Quicksand Guard gives Khaleed multiple advantages—the ability to recover lost hit points, reduce any damage taken, and slows down enemies who enters its AoE. However, channeling stops the moment Khaleed starts moving.

Raging Sandstorm

Invoking an avalanche of sand, the Raging Sandstorm ravages any opponent in its path which Khaleed finishes with a downward strike at the end. Aside from dishing out damage to enemies, the Raging Sandstorm also causes a pushback effect to those it hits.


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