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PLDT, Smart to spend Php70 billion to bring “super-fast” 5G services in the Philippines


PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications are about to spend big bucks to bring fast 5G connectivity in the Philippines.

Last Thursday, July 30, PLDT Inc. announced that they have raised their 2020 capital spending budget to Php70 billion to bring “super-fast” 5G services in Metro Manila and parts of the country.


It’s noticeably higher than the supposed Php60 billion budget that they initially announced back in May.

The initial 5G rollout happened on July 30 when 5G commercial services went live in select parts of Metro Manila and Pangasinan. With a large budget, we expect more parts of the country to have Smart 5G coverage in the near future.

Upcoming 5G smartphone from Smart Signature Plan

PLDT’s Php70 billion budget is just part of the company’s overall expense to bring 5G in the country. In the last five years, PLDT have already spent about Php260 billion in capital expenditures for its 5G development plan.

The telco has partnered with telecommunications equipment providers Cisco and Huawei to improve its 5G infrastructure.

5G connectivity will bring a lot of benefits to the modern world. It will offer much faster and reliable download and upload speeds. This is not only great for mobile devices but could also bring innovation to household internet services.

To utilize this new service, Smart is set to introduce 5G-enabled smartphones through its Smart Signature Plans.

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