What does it take to build the planet’s biggest solar power facility? As of writing, a Philippine billionaire, it seems.

Enrique Razon, one of the richest figures in the Philippines, is said to be investing in clean renewable energy, joining a myriad of others who are opting to do the same.

Per Unlisted Prime Infrastructure Holdings, Inc., the facility, once it becomes operational, will generate some 2,500 to 3,500 megawatts of power, complementing a 4,000MWh to 4500MWh battery energy storage system. To build the massive solar farm, it’s estimated to cost around $3 billion (approximately Php159 billion).

The project will be handled by Solar Philippines Power Project Holdings Inc. in collaboration with Terra Renewables Holdings Inc.’s Terra Solar Philippines.

Not only will the planned project be regarded as the largest in the world, it, too, can be anticipated to be quite lucrative, as well. In particular, with the Manila Electric Company MER.PS, the Philippines’ largest power utility, having to procure 850MW of produced energy from Terra Solar.

Once it comes to fruition, the project will be a massive win towards the push for renewable energy as well as in reducing the PH’s overall carbon footprint.

The government, on its part, will partake in the use of renewables and will see an increase of 35 percent in 2030 and 50 percent by 2040, respectively.

Sources: InterAksyon, Forbes

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