Shopee users in the Philippines can no longer waive shipping fees and apply discount coupons simultaneously.

In the checkout screen of the Shopee app, the free shipping voucher is now one of the mutually exclusive options along with the discount/cashback voucher. In other words, you can only select one or the other.

While there’s no official announcement from Shopee regarding the change, the company’s FAQs page has been modified to reflect the change.

Screenshot of Shopee Philippines FAQ page / NOYPIGEEKS

The FAQs page states that the number of vouchers in a single checkout is now limited to two types (down from three): one platform voucher and one shop-specific voucher. Free shipping vouchers and discount/coin cashback vouchers are now grouped together in the platform voucher type, which means they can no longer be used together.

Previously, the free shipping voucher was mentioned as a separate voucher type, which still seems to be the case for Shopee in Malaysia.

Screenshot of Shopee Malaysia FAQ page / NOYPIGEEKS

Since the change, users have been expressing their frustration over the newfound limitation on social media. Several users have also been review bombing the Shopee app on the Play Store, with the limited voucher usage being the most common complaint in recent negative reviews. There’s also the occasional mention of bad shopping experiences and user interface issues.

ShopeePH app reviews after the policy change / NOYPIGEEKS

The Shopee PH app currently has a good 4.5 rating despite the recent user review backlash.

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