It looks like Sony is also thinking of adding ads to PlayStation games after it’s been reported last week that Microsoft is planning to do the same on Xbox.

As per the report, Sony plans to encourage game developers to create free-to-play titles that will have ads as a way to make money besides the usual microtransactions and battle passes.

But unlike the ads on Facebook and YouTube videos, it looks like the goal is to integrate the ads seamlessly into the game like putting them on virtual billboards or sports stadiums.


Like in some mobile games, Sony also plans to implement compensation-based ads where players who will watch commercials and other promotions can earn skins and other in-game items.

Microsoft will apparently not take a cut from the Xbox games ad revenues, while Sony hasn’t decided on that yet.

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A source also said that Sony will be very strict on choosing ad partners and will instantly dismiss companies that collect personal information.

The PlayStation ads program may launch before the year ends while Xbox’s may arrive before the third quarter.

Via: IGN

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