If you are planning to rent a house via Airbnb for the purpose of hosting a party with friends and family, think again. A party ban is now a permanent addition to Airbnb’s official policy.

With the Airbnb party ban, renters are prohibited from booking any houses for the purpose of hosting social events, especially open-invite gatherings. Likewise, Airbnb hosts or owners can no longer list properties that are meant to be party houses. Users who violate Airbnb’s new policy may face account suspension or even full termination.


In the blog post where it announced the permanent ban, Airbnb said it values the neighborhoods and communities where its listed properties are located. The company also said it is therefore focused on dissuading hosts from operating irresponsibly or guests from throwing parties without permission.

Airbnb previously announced a temporary party ban in August 2020 as a health precaution because of the global health crisis, which led to a 44 percent year-over-year decrease in party reports. The company also said it suspended more than 6,600 guests in 2021 for violating the party ban.

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