Despite the United States government now under a new administration, TikTok is once again a subject of its interest as Washington seeks to prohibit access to the wildly popular Chinese mobile app. This time, by involving two of the world’s biggest tech companies, Google and Apple.

In a tweet, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr showed a letter he sent to both tech giants, highlighting the risks involve with letting the American public access TikTok. In the letter, Carr is asking for the complete banning of the mobile app from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

To the tune of “national security,” the letter reiterates how TikTok is being used to gather a large amount of data from millions of its users. It also accuses ByteDance, the app owner, of using gathered data to be sent to Chinese servers, in turn, giving the Communist government access to literally unlimited volumes of information upon request. But ultimately, it raises concern over the security of the American people, using shreds of evidence from as far back as 2019.

Should either or both Google and Apple heed Carr’s request to adhere to their policies, it will see TikTok vanish from the two enterprise’s massive stores. Though not something that can be removed from the system, given the possibility of third-party sources to get the app from.

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