Alcatel Mobile Philippines just announced their graduation sale featuring the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N. This android phone is one of the best-selling android phones in early 2012 and it has been one of the top competitors against the king of budget android phones before, Samsung Galaxy Y.

Aside from the graduation celebration, I believe this move by Alcatel is also a campaign against the growing number of ultra-cheap android phones here in the Philippines. Ever since the explosion of the local brands’ android phones, international manufacturers like Alcatel (and Samsung) were surely affected in their sales on our country. But still, there are people who prefer the brands’ quality over the boost in performance so I won’t say that they were rocked completely.


As a refresher, Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N features a 650MHz Mediatek processor, 256MB RAM, and runs on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. It also has Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, HSDPA connectivity, and GPS. In terms of camera, it has a 3.2-megapixel fixed focus shooter. If you want to know more about this phone, read our full review here.

Unfortunately, the Alcatel One Touch Insight 993D wasn’t included in the sale. I honestly think that they could sell more if they did it on that unit. Anyway, the Php2,999 deal on the One Touch Glory 918N is still a steal. If you’re looking for a decent and cheap branded android phone, this is your best bet.

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      1. yep i already got 1 i was choosing between o+ 8.12 and starmobile flirt when the sales clerk ask me if i would like to consider alcatel since i want a cheaper without compromising much of the performance i chose 997D explore because of 1gb of ram they all have the same processor after all though i the absence of Qhd is a big miss still like it shutter speed almost instantaneous :)

          1. nope di nmn kasi wla ako tiwala eh im sorry ang baba kasi masyado ng benchmark at ung mediatek dual-core eh di enough to power up an HD screen kya mjo magiging laggy so far wla nmn ako pinagsisihan sa choice ko haha