Amazon, particularly the Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced that they will be building local data centers across the Asia-Pacific (APAC), which includes Manila.

Other than the Philippines, Amazon also plans to put up AWS Local Zones in Brisbane and Perth in Australia; Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata in India; Hanoi, Vietnam; and Auckland, New Zealand. The said countries will be added to the 22 upcoming AWS Local Zones that will be built in 20 additional countries in the next two years.



If you’re curious, AWS Local Zones are data centers that can handle computing, database, storage, and other Amazon services so they are closer to a big population and industries that need them.

These local zones enable consumer services like live video streaming, remote gaming, content creation, augmented and virtual reality, and more.


In a statement, a DICT exec said: “DICT commits to fully implementing the Philippine Cloud-First Policy across all government agencies in the country, in-line with our efforts to maximize and harmonize the use of ICT in government. Cloud computing offers benefits such as access to global solutions and up-to-date cybersecurity. It also fosters innovation, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency among users.”

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  1. Local zones are usually rented space in an existing data center and not actual Amazon property. It will be great to have, and it says a lot about the facilities available here now. This is how we have local Alicloud without an actual Ali data center build.