The AirTags is a brand new security hardware product from Apple. However, it looks like the tiny gizmo is getting a lot of bad raps since its release a few months ago.

For those who are not familiar, the Apple AirTag is a tiny puck-like device that you attach to your keys, bags, and other items so you can easily track them when they get lost. This thing is available in the Philippines for Php1,690.



Meant for tracking and locating things, it’s no surprise that it’s also being used for illegal activities. Despite Apple’s promise of privacy, the AirTags are being used to track unsuspecting people, and now, it’s also said to be used to track cars by thieves.

As per the report from regional police in York, England, they have investigated five incidents since September where small tracking devices are placed on high-end cars so they can later be located and stolen.


Apparently, the AirTags were hidden in out-of-sight areas of the target vehicles as they are parked in public places. After returning home, the thieves will track the car and steal them from the owner’s driveway.

Designed to be ultra-small and unobtrusive, thieves were able to hide AirTags in hard-to-see parts of a car like bumpers and trailer hitches.

Apple has already rolled out an update that lessens the time of how long the owner must be away from the AirTags before it can alert an iPhone user traveling close to its proximity to keep them safe from being tracked or stalked.

However, the AirTags won’t issue the warning between 8 to 24 hours after being away from the owner, giving the thieves enough time to track and locate the vehicle.

Via: PCMag

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