Apple users can now pay bills easier as Apple has introduced Apple Card, a new credit card system from Apple that works in digital form. This latest release can be set up within minutes on your iPhone.

According to Apple, the Apple Card is built to help its customers achieve a healthier financial life and keep them safe from any credit card fraud. Users can use the Apple Card through the Wallet app installed in their handsets. Once it has been set up, Apple customers can now pay wherever the card is supported.


But for places where the digital version of the Apple Card is not supported, the company is also introducing a physical card. This titanium card screams nothing but Apple design as it has your name machine-etched on the card, a chip for the computer to read, with no other information written over it to make it more secure.

One of the most interesting things about Apple card is it can simplify your shopping history. There’s no need to worry about unnecessary notifications and information as the app will just lay out the products and purchased location. It can also classify your purchases in different categories, including entertainment, shopping and more.


You can also get daily cash rewards, which can be used in Apple Pay. Just like other credit cards, the Apple Card has no fees — no annual, late or international fees will be charged on your account. If you want to be updated about your bills, you don’t have to worry as the app will always inform you every month or week.

Apple Card is sheltered by Secure Element chip similar to Apple Play, and every transaction uses Touch ID or security code so that you can be safe. Apple confirms that the service is highly encrypted so don’t worry about your data being sold or used for other purposes.

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