Several companies, including Apple, have reportedly shown interest in acquiring the video game development company, Electronic Arts (EA), per the report by Puck.

Among companies who played “potential suitor” to EA to add to Apple, following plans for a merger, include big enterprises, Amazon and Disney. Apple and said commercial businesses, however, chose to remain shut regarding their propositions, which leaves the status of the discussion somewhat in the dark as of writing.

Of the aforementioned, Disney seems to have gotten the California-based company’s interest first with a report of talks regarding the establishment of a “more meaningful relationship” in March. Although, such an approach ultimately ended with a disagreement, following the former’s decision not to pursue the purchase.

The same is also true with NBCUniversal where the two parties failed to form an agreement concerning the pricing and structure of the deal.

While the Apple brand might be known mostly for its innovative technology, gaming is something of a recent venture to it, taking into mind Apple Arcade. It comes as no surprise that it would choose to expand on that move by merging with a company that is deeply entrenched in the video game industry.

Via: MacRumors

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