The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) handed over its fully automated weapon station called BUHAWI to the Philippine Navy.

Short for “building a universal mount for heavy barrel automated weapon integration,” BUHAWI is a project by the DOST in collaboration with the Philippine Navy and the Robotics Society of the Philippines.



With an objective of improving the defense and firepower of the country’s naval assets, Buhawi allows an operator to use an M2 Browning heavy machine gun through robotics while ensuring their safety. It utilizes a technology camera system and, per conducted live tests, has a high-hit probability.

Developed locally for Php14 million, BUHAWI is also cheaper than similar imported technologies that the government would pay for an estimated Php24 million. The DOST plans to mass produce BUHAWI to lower its cost to Php12 million as well as to promote technology transfers and improve local expertise.

Source: DOST

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  1. Of course we can that is just a simple electronically controlled . Technology now are available everywhere. Its time for us to “tang kilikin ang sariling gawa ” this way you dont have to inport or hired abroad if those gadget breaks downs. Support pinoy inventor so that they were also improve. Yun lang ang kulang actually.