A bicameral conference report on the unified Senate and House versions of the Anti-Sexual Abuse or Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) Act was approved by Congress, per Agusan del Norte representative Lawrence Fortun.

In a statement, Fortun claims the move to be “timely” because of the concerning and growing number of minors being “sexually abused and exploited online,” and citing it as “long overdue.”

In his revelation, the representative says that the culprits in the case are often “relatives and neighbors of the victims.” But in other instances, “organized crime groups” play the role of the clientele.

When signed into law, it will empower law enforcers to go after the perpetrators of a criminal offense.

Using previous cases of the same crime as the precedent, Fortun states that “economic gain” is the common motive for the online sexual abuse and exploitation of kids.

As the internet becomes easily more accessible as well as the use of mobile applications, electronics payment, and sometimes online games, politicians consider these factors as the fuel to the “prevalence of OSAEC.”

Source: PNA

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