Returning senator Loren Legarda is pushing for a bill that would grant free tablet computers to financially challenged students in public schools.

In a recent interview with One PH, Legarda said that the “One Tablet, One Student” bill will be among her priorities in the Senate. She, then a senatorial candidate, made a similar vow during the 2022 election.

Per the latest partial and unofficial tally, Legarda has already secured a Senate seat as she is currently in second place with more than 23 million votes, just trailing behind actor Robin Padilla.

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Legarda first filed “One Tablet, Student Act of 2021” in October 2021 as an incumbent member of the lower house representing the lone district of Antique. The bill, known as House Bill No. 10405, seeks to improve the capacity of public school students to learn in a modern setting.

If enacted, public school students from primary to tertiary levels are entitled to receive a tablet. Legarda estimates 26 million tablets to be given away by tapping 1.6 percent (~Php80 billion) of the Php5 trillion national budget for 2022.

Source: News5

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