Four companies in the scalable data storage services—otherwise known as hyperscalers—are wanting to enter the Philippine market, according to the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

Word on the subject came Tuesday when PEZA Deputy Director General Tereso Panga underwent an interview, citing also the data center operators’ capacity, which is said to be around 30 to 100 megawatts.

While Panga did not disclose the names of the firms, he nevertheless describes them as “big players aggressively looking for a site.” Consequently, he also suggests how the provinces of Laguna, Cavite, and Bulacan are being regarded as areas of particular interest.

As to why the investment via PEZA, however, the high-ranking officer claims that said data center providers want to register their undertakings with PEZA to offset the high-power rates that are otherwise expected in areas beyond the ecozones.

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