A new report suggests that Apple made around EUR5 billion (~Php287 billion) by not including what used to be free chargers and earphones on the new iPhone models.

If you remember, Apple stopped including the wall adapter for charging and the free Earpods earphones two years ago. Apple explained that the move was meant to help save the environment.

It looks like the move was perceived well, at least by environmentalists. As per Apple, the removal will reduce its annual carbon emissions by 2 million tons. That’s like taking off 500,000 cars on the road.

However, it has disappointed a lot of consumers as the omission didn’t translate to price reduction.

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What’s more, Apple has been charging an extra EUR19 (around Php1,100) for customers who actually want to have a charger and EarPods.

Critics say that the removal of the accessories should have translated to lower iPhone prices, considering that iPhone shipment costs have also been reduced by about 40% since their boxes are now smaller.

Experts say that Apple could be saving about EUR27 (around Php1,500) on each iPhone sold.

Since the removal of said accessories, it’s believed that Apple has sold 190 million iPhones across the world. The omission of the chargers and earphones, plus the reduction in shipping cost, could amount to as high as USD5 billion of savings for Apple.

But that’s not it, as Apple may have also made an additional ~EUR225 million (around Php12.9 billion) by selling the accessories separately.

Lina Jackson, Apple’s environment head, said in 2020: ‘We know customers have been accumulating adapters and that producing millions of unneeded adapters consumes resources and adds to our carbon footprint.’

Via: Daily Mail

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