Isn’t it annoying to be charged for a subscription you didn’t want? An app developer concurs and has designed its app to offer a free trial that doesn’t automatically bill the user when it is over. Apple doesn’t seem to think that way. 

According to developer Down Dog, an update to their yoga app was not accepted into the Apple App Store because it didn’t have an auto-charge that would set off by the end of the app’s free trial. This auto-charge, Down Dog claims, is basically stealing from customers. 

To be fair to Apple, app users have the option to cancel subscriptions to avoid getting billed after free trial periods. But this isn’t good enough for Down Dog, which after experimenting with auto-charging trials found that these led to more refund requests from customers who forgot to cancel. These very users were also reportedly in “complete disbelief” that issuing refunds wouldn’t be allowed by Apple.

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