Curious to know how the 5G smartphone market is going in the first quarter of 2021? Research firm Strategy Analytics has the numbers.

Apple entered the 5G game late with the iPhone 12 series. Despite that, they have the title of having the most 5G phones shipped with 40.4 million units from January to March 2021. However, it’s considerably lower than last quarter’s 40.4 million.


The biggest gainers in Q1 2021 are Vivo and Samsung, with 19.4 million and 17 million 5G phones shipped, respectively. That translates to an impressive quarterly growth of 79% (Samsung) and 62% (Vivo). On the other hand, despite having the biggest sale, Apple fell at -23%.

Samsung’s impressive numbers are thanks to the huge Galaxy S21 demand in the US, Europe, and its home country, South Korea.


Meanwhile, Vivo has a stronghold on China and Europe. Both OPPO and Xiaomi had identical success in the same regions.

Strategy Analytics predicts that there will be a total of 624 million 5G phones shipped this 2021. This is highly plausible considering that 5G technology has reached the entry-level and mid-range segments. Here’s a full list of 5G phones available in the Philippines.

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  1. Well that is terms of per brand, but if we look at it on the OS side Android still has a bigger market share. Now if iOS can be used by different brands too (which won’t ever happen) Apple’s market share would basically shrink that’s why they won’t ever do it.