News about Apple Watch saving people’s lives is nothing new. Thanks to its smart software and heart-rate sensor, this smartwatch was able to save a man’s life by preventing a possible heart attack.

However, this new report is somewhat different. This time, the Apple Watch didn’t uncover a possible heart problem, but a critical kidney failure.

Deanna Recktenwald, a teenager from Florida, noticed that is resting heart rate skyrocketed to 190bpm. The 18-year-old woman seemed healthy and showed no immediate symptoms having such health problem.

Although Deanna did experience a headache and minor short of breath leading to the event. Thankfully, her mother is a nurse and she took her immediately to a walk-in clinic.

The said clinic was able to confirm that the Apple Watch’s heart rate reading was accurate. They had Deanna rushed to the Tampa General Hospital emergency room where the doctor discovered that she is a victim of chronic kidney disease.


To her mom’s relief, Deanna’s mother wrote a letter to Tim Cook to say thanks. If it weren’t because of the Apple Watch, they won’t be able to discover her daughter’s condition before it was too late.

The Apple CEO was so moved that he responded to the letter and even shared the story on his Twitter page.

Source: ABC News

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