Arm, VividQ to introduce holographic display in mobile devices


Arm and VividQ are teaming up in order to bring augmented reality (AR) to the next level with the idea of bringing holographic display technology with Arm’s Mali GPU.

Arm’s technological and technical prowess of developing world-class mobile chips will be complemented by VividQ’s software expertise in making computer-generated holography (CGH), arising from the joint endeavor.

Like Arm, VividQ is central in the entire tech ecosystem by playing significant role as a software developer in aerospace, automotive, and medical—a feat that led the company to become a partner to many business names.


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While not completely new in actual application, existing augmented reality comes with its own limitation. Particularly, in the aspect of showing details in depth. VividQ, however, is confident in delivering cutting-edge CGH by having the ability to surmount “computation challenges traditionally associated” with the technology.

Arm and VividQ have been working on the business project behind the scenes before officially revealing the partnership. 


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