Amid the trade ban that sees Giant Chinese tech company Huawei struggling in manufacturing certain products, a silver lining is seen as AMD is rumored to be officially on board to provide the company of essential hardware.

For reasons yet to be disclosed, AMD is said to have secured a license to become a supplier for Huawei—a statement which is also confirmed by AMD’s vice president, Forrest Norrod. Surprisingly, the exec also claims that US’ existing trade ban on Huawei will not have any “significant impact” on AMD’s business.


Meanwhile, as fears for Huawei’s products soon becoming “extinct,” a trend is ongoing which sees pricing on a rise by as much as 40 percent in comparison to January this year. On average, consumers are seeing an increase by around $60 to $74 for Huawei products, such as the Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design which got a staggering price increase of $443.7.

Source: ITHome

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