In light of what is now Japan’s stricter copyright laws, Kodansha—Attack on Titan’s publisher—is keen on taking harsh actions towards illegal uploads of the franchise, especially manga, according to an official tweet.

Other illicit uploads—particularly the latest ongoing final season of the anime—are already in the talks with the police.

While not yet in full effect until early next year—January 2021—the internet is already feeling the brunt of Japan’s strong initiative towards supporting its local creators and the entertainment industry.

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Just earlier this year, popular anime-streaming and manga sites, KissAnime and KissAnime, were brought down because of the amended and reinforced law.

Meanwhile, in another AoT news, the internet is abuzz when a word came out suggesting that the manga is also finally reaching its end with the final volume—vol. 34—slated for release on Spring next year (either May or June 2021).

Despite the saddening tone in the idea of a beloved manga franchise seeing its conclusion, it also makes for an exciting notion to those who have been avid in following the franchise from the very start—one that has grappled the audience’s attention for more than a decade now.

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