If you’ve only ever been a prepaid subscriber, Globe has just gone and made things all the more tempting to switch to a postpaid plan. Their Best Ever Globe MySuperPlan just got better by giving you even more value than your plan is worth. How would you like to get Php500 in peso value at Plan 299, Php900 at Plan 499 or Php1,700 at Plan 999? Globe’s best ever MySuperPlan does exactly that.

Globe My Super Plan

  • Plan 299 = Php500 peso value
  • Plan 499 = Php900 peso value
  • Plan 999 = Php1,799 peso value
  • Plan 1799 = Php3200 peso value
  • Plan 2499 = Php4,400 peso value
  • Plan 3799 = Php6,500 peso value

Whereas you used to get the same corresponding peso value in consumables, you can now almost double the peso value, whichever plan you choose. From there, you can add on your favorite call/text/surf combos like 150 AllNet texts or 20mins of Globe/TM calls and get a handset with little to no cash out. Each combo and handset has a corresponding monthly peso value that you just deduct from the peso value of your plan. Any peso value left over from your plan simply becomes your monthly consumable that you can use for texts, calls or mobile data.

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As if that wasn’t flexible enough, you can even choose your contract length. Whereas you were typically locked in for a 24 month period with a handset, you can now choose from 6, 12, 18 and 30 month contract lengths. Of course, you can always go contract-free by forgoing the handset.

Aside from that, you can also add on unlimited services in the form of boosters to enhance your plans capabilities according to your needs. Some boosters include unlimited BlackBerry Messenger for just Php99 monthly, 50mb of mobile surfing data for Php99 monthly, unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM for Php599 monthly, or unlimited surfing at Php999 monthly.

Globe MySuperPlan Raul Macatangay Head of Globe Postpaid
Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid

Of course, there’s still the Globe guarantee that assures subscribers of Plan 999 and below that their monthly bill will not exceed Php999 monthly with their No Billshock policy, 7 day phone replacement and 24/7 access to customer service through various channels, whether you choose to communicate through your mobile phone, landline, email, online chat and even Twitter and Facebook.

“Now is definitely the best time to get a postpaid plan from Globe with our best-ever MySuperPlan, a next-level postpaid plan with fully-customizable plan components, bigger plan value, and more contract periods to choose from,” said Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid. “With the best-ever MySuperPlan, you get the ultimate flexibility in creating a postpaid plan that best fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget”

To learn more about the best ever Globe MySuperPlan, just visit globe.com.ph/postpaid.

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