Graphic design platform Canva introduced big new features last September 14.

Some of the key new things that Canva introduced are a document maker and a website builder. Like its popular graphics design platform, this will help users with little to no experience in programming and other related skills to make their own content.

As per CEO Melanie Perkins, the new features are made to address the growing demand for visual content and new methods to present information.

First, let’s talk about Canva Docs, which will allow users to easily embed graphics, illustrations, presentations, and social media posts into a document.

It will also feature Canva Charts and Graphics, so users have more creative ways to present data. Canva recently acquired a data visualization company called Flourish for this.

Users can also use the over 100 million videos, photos, GIFs, and illustrations in Canva’s library for their documents.


Meanwhile, Canva Websites will help users build a website even if they don’t have the technical experience. What’s more, they can do it even on their mobile devices.

Canva will also assist users in choosing and buying domains. Meanwhile, Canva Pro users can gain access to an insights tool that will allow them to check trends, website traffic, engagements, and more.

To make it even easier for users, Canva has prepared around 100 templates so users will just have to drag and drop content.

Other than the two, the platform also introduced Canva Whiteboards for easier collaborations; Canva Video, Canva Presentations, and Canva Print.

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