There’s no denying that masks, face shields, and gadgets like portable ionizers are now part of their daily lives. Since we’ll be carrying it everyday, might as well rock something that looks good.

That’s the reason why local tech giant Cherry has launced new colors of its popular air ionizer. We have the new Cherry Ion Limited Edition and Love Marie collection colors.


The Limited Edition models introduce 10 new colors: Black/Yellow, White/Green, White/Lilac, White/Blue, White/Pink, Black/Orange, Black/Red, Black/Purple, All White, and All Black.

These new colors will cost Php200 more at Php3,700. Meanwhile, the standard Black/Gold, White/Rose Gold, White/Gold, White/Silver, and Black/Silver continues to live on for Php3,500.

Heart Evangelista’s Cherry Mobile Love Marie line is getting more products with special edition Cherry Ion Love Marie colors. Interestingly, all three variants will come with a free 5,000mAh power bank with a matching design.

Speaking of designs, each model comes with special artworks. There’s the Rainbow Seas, Belles Fleurs, and Gaea. The Cherry Ion and Powerbank bundle cost Php4,300. All these products are now available at But if you want something lighter, you can check out the Cherry Ion Lite.

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