Cherry Mobile Flare S3: Better Than the Flare 3 for the Same Price?

It’s all just rumors at the moment, but the Flare 3 could be followed up shortly by another compelling offering at the same price point. Although it’s typically best to take any rumor with a grain of salt, the leak is from a trusted source. According to Cherry Angel, a dealer and trusted tipster on all things Cherry Mobile, he is expecting incoming stocks this week for a new phone that will go by the name Cherry Mobile Flare S3.

Nothing much is known yet about the Flare S3 except that it will sport a 13mp camera and have USB OTG support. Aside from that, Cherry Angel expects the specs to be similar between the Flare S3 and the original Flare 3. The best part? The Flare S3 should carry the same Php4k price tag as its predecessor while featuring slightly better specs!




Cherry Angel has agreed to take reservations once stocks of the phone come in, so it might be a good idea to follow him over on Facebook. He’ll also post unboxing pics of the unit as soon as possible, which is something he does for a lot of the hotter Cherry Mobile phones that come in.

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